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Site first published 30/10/2013

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My name is Robbie and I have been into rockin' music for more than 35 years and everything that comes with it from lifestyle clothing and music of course.This site is dedicated to the rocking scene and the music of the 40's and 50's and it's rivival in later years.

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The rockin' scene is undoutably very big indeed all over the world and no less in the UK there are clubs,societies,facebook groups,shops,hairdressers you name it there is a market out there for all your rocking needs and is refreshing to see young people whose parents were not even born in the 50s getting into the rocking scene as I did back in 1977 during the so called rockabilly revival with bands like Crazy Cavan and Matchbox although I am not into modern, rockabilly bands I prefer the original artists and recordings with the exeption of the Star Gazers they were pretty good at reproducing the authentic 50s rocking sound, I saw them live three times and even bought their EP back in the early 80s.Back in the 70s we saw the birth of punk arch enemy of rockabilly there were many rumbles between teddy boys/rockabillies and punks on the kings road in Chelsea I was once chased in Ealing Broadway but fortunatley the old route master was about in those days and I was able to jump on it and get away how I miss those crazy days.The old clubs were good with top dj 50s flash at the top of the tree as far I am concerned I can still picure him now on the stage spinning top rockin' tunes as we all bopped,jived and strolled on the dance floor across london rockin' clubs. when I moved to Wembley I used to hang out in the old indoor market where there was a record stall ran by boogie Dell and Rex, I bought nearly all my wax from that stall yes folks wax there were no CDs or MP3 players back then just good old fashioned wax discs.Boogie dell also ran a club called Level One in Uxbridge where not only he played music but he also showed rocking movies such as "Rock Rock Rock" with Alan Freed. Rockabilly music is a fusion of rock'n'roll with country music and originates from the southern states of America with an exiting slap base sound and bopping beat it's not to hard see why it appealed to the 50s teenager, many saw it as a rebellion against society with motorbike and hot rod gangs in America and unruly teddy boys in Great Britain, rockabilly was more well known in america whilst in Britain the more commercial rockin' songs and artists were more played on the jukebox in the coffee bars such as Little Richard,Jerry-Lee-Lewis,Fats Domino etc. etc.Meanwhile in America artists such as Mac Curtis and Marvin Rainwater were regularly featured on independent radio stations in the southern states whilst in New York it was more of a doo wop scene and Chicago was blues oriented. It's fair to say the best rocking music came from across the pond although here in Britain we had some rocking artists like Don Lang and his frantic five ,Cliff Richard but in my opinion the top two artists were Tommy Steele who was pretty good and top of the tree for me was Billy Fury, a british teenage idol you could say.The 40s played a big part in rockin' music rocket 88 was released in 1951 by Jackie Breston and put together by Ike Turner many say it was the first rock'n'roll record but it was based on cadillac boogie by Jimmy Liggins released in 1947 and great blues shouters like Joe Turner and Wynonie Harris were prominent artists in the 40s.The Andrews Sisters produced some good lindy-hop jivers in the 40s as Fifites Flash used to play in the clubs,Bill Haley himself was a top yodeler in that era and along with big band artists like count Basie,Benny Goodman and many others swing dancing was popular in the 40s.So the rockin' scene spans right accross the 40s.50s.and early 60s and it continues now keep rockin' kats.

Natasha Leigh, a young rocking singer from the british rocking scene.

Natasha started rockin' when she was a young girl like most of us going to clubs like the Hop Bine,the Bobby Sox,the Lyceum and many more clubs and events accross london with long life best friend Kim Harding ,she was also a singer first with a rockin' band called the Ekkos for a one off gig at the Clarendon Hammersmith before joining The Blue Ridge Rockets a rocking band based in Oxford in the early to mid 1980s.Natasha is still involed in the rockin' scene now and is very popular in the rockabilly circle and with her many friends she has kept in touch from those early rockin' years and many more new ones.

Natasha Leigh with Fifties Flash (Keith)

Fifties Flash back in the 70s when I started rockin' was top london rock'n'roll DJ by far he has since become a legend with the rockin' community of young and old and will always be respected for his vast knowledge of rocking music and skill with the turntables it's thanks to him that I have the knowledge of the music I know and love from a young teenager till now and beyond, I still remember the Hop Bine pub in North Wembley where Flash was the DJ and indeed my first and favourite rocking club I set foot in with a mixture of teds,rockabillies and rockers combined with needless to say top class rockin' music time travel back to the 50s was really possible for the few hours we spent jiving,bopping and strolling on the dance floor it was the best time of my teenage life, I was hooked like a fish there was nothing else I wanted in life but to rock and bop at the Hop(Bine). Sadly Fifties Flash (Keith) has not enjoyed good health for the past year or so, as a result of a stroke he suffered last year his quality of life had deteriorated considerably both financially and socially but this did not go unnoticed by his friend Natasha Leigh who took charge of his affairs and with the help of the rockin' community she and friends raised considerable capital and it's still growing to help the legend get back on his feet financially and organized a benefit hop at the Boston Arms for keith with amazing response from the rockin' community all willing to help the legend, this is the level of respect we all have for this kind gentleman of rock'n'roll who gave us so much over the years, in addition Natasha has secured with the authorities suitable re-housing and physiotherapy he desperetly needed, she is a remarkable friend and human being indeed if only politicians were made of the same stuff the world would be a better place,well done Natasha.

Top rocking DJ Fifties Flash (Keith)